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twiin's Journal

22 May 1979
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I was born Jairus W.K.R.P., on the 22nd day of the 5th month of 1979. The name Jairus appears in the gospel of Mark, on the 22nd line of the 5th chapter. I was expected to be born April 31st or May Day, which traditionally is a day of fertility, but I was 22 days late, which means I was just late enough to be born under the sign of Gemini, the twins.

I do not put as much weight into this as you might think, although I do think it interesting enough to be noted.


I spend most of my off-hours working to promote underground arts and media, and trying to keep independent music from being smothered by an anachronism popularly known as 'the industry'. I DJ weekly, promote concerts/festivals regularly, and I've just wrapped up a five-week tour for my own project, which sounds something like robots fucking to My Bloody Valentine.

When I'm not working with, promoting, listening to, or writing music, I design websites, flyers, book jackets, and the sort for various arts-related projects. I supplement my music/design income (roughly enough to buy a pocketful of buttons a month) by developing counter-hacking courses and moonlighting as a web communications coordinator for the man.

I also bake very tasty cookies.


Random Photo Time:

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